🌟 Nintendo Switch version - Release updates


Any updates? Just curious as to what stage things are at


I’ve totally been sitting on redeeming my rewards for the switch version! :confounded: getting the itch to redeem


You’ve waited this long. Just play something else and time will fly.


Honestly I see this game coming out some time after march


Yep. Its just lots of work and PUBG till then


Looks like we could see a release date soon guys!


Tomorrow! Its happening!


Heck yes! So pumped! :smiley:

Noticed that I still can’t generate my Switch game code in my account section on the BC website… Wonder if we have to wait until launch to generate our game codes?


Has there been any update on the physical copy? Was kind of hoping to find it in my mailbox this morning. :slight_smile:


From an e-mail they sent out earlier (you probably already saw/got it)…

Our backer info shows you chose the Switch as your platform of choice! We know it’s been a long wait, and we’re working as hard as we can to get keys for digital backers, and the physical copies sent for our physical backers.

Unfortunately, there’s a chance we might not have the digital keys ready for redemption tomorrow. We can’t acquire the keys directly - we’re working with THQ Nordic, who has to get them from Nintendo - and as of this writing we don’t have them yet. We’re still hoping they’ll come in by the end of today so they’re ready and waiting for tomorrow.

As soon as they are, we’ll send out another e-mail letting everyone know.

Physical Backers: For those in Europe, your copies should be on the way. However, the delivery of North American copies to us for shipping out was delayed until Wednesday, at which point our shipper is going to turn them around via rushed delivery. A reminder to those who upgraded to physical, you also got a bonus digital key that is redeemable on PC, Xbox One or PS4 to use or send as a gift. This was exclusive to the physical upgrade. Look for an e-mail from Tiny Fish to confirm your deliveries.

We’re genuinely sorry for the delay and are doing everything in our power to get the game in your hands as quickly as possible.

Thank you for the support,


Just for record, Amazon phisically delivered the game today. (at least here in italy)