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🌟 Nintendo Switch version - Release updates


I so want to buy this game, i do hve a ps4 but i want to get it on the switch because of the portability . I really want to play this game. Id be willing to wait as long as a general was announced of when it would come out . When october 3rd was around i had a lot of time to play it , IF IT had released then. But now i have so many other games and i have others coming out that ill be playing i dont know when or if ill be able to have time to play it . Or pay for it .

I mean i dont know when this is coming out for the switch so why should i save money for it till we have a actual general date ?


@strangelove Our last official update was just over a month ago (23/10). Any chance we can please get another?

Totally understand if the update is “there is no update”. It would just be great to hear something.

Cheers :pray:


Hey, @Deedubbs,

We’re actually compiling some tests this week that we hope will help us better pinpoint issues. Unfortunately, even though we have a direct contact with Unity and they’re being pretty responsive, the back and forth takes time, so there’s no further update on this.
We’re still doing our best to make sure the Switch version comes out as soon as possible and in the most polished state it can, and hopefully our work with Unity also helps other future Unity games launching on the Switch. Once we have an update or a time estimate available we’ll be sure to share it with the community.

Thanks for staying excited, guys!


Hey @ortizgames, thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I’ll update my post at the top of the thread so others can stay informed.

I also have to work with a number of third party vendors in my own job, so I understand when you say that the “back and forth” can be slow.

Again, appreciate the update. :+1:



For me the lack of communication is what kills it for me the most. It’s not hard to send out a quick update or even respond to these kinds of threads and just say sorry we have no new information to share. Also I was a backer long before they announced the Switch. When they announced the Switch at E3 I was literally so excited because at that time the fans were given the perception that it would launch along the other platforms. Obviously the closer it got to launch that’s when the dreaded it’s not going to be a launch version started occurring. I’m more disappointed that someone didn’t do their job and figure this out before they started making announcements. I get why bigger developers keepnso tight lipped on certain things because this is the exact scenario they don’t want to be in because it’s bad for business and it looks very amateurish. Very good chance I won’t end up backing any other Airship Syndicate games in the future. This two year process has been riddled with awful communication and delayed responses to concerned backers, a completely weak Beta window (for the record running a beta for 4 weeks and then launching the game isn’t beta cause you can’t get all the kinks out in that short amount of time…it’s was an limited version or sneak peek of the game). I paid $100 USD and then bought a $29 CND steam version of the game for these guys. I bought the game 4 times over and the game is awesome but everything else is been very disappointing. I still can’t play on the platform of my choice. I wish these guys all the success in this industry and I will still play this game on my Switch when it gets released sometime in 2018 maybe 2019, but I prolly won’t back or purchase anything by this developer again. There is way too much competition out there in this industry and honestly their customers deserve better from them. Short version…don’t make promises you can’t fulfill and just communicate with backers who paid for you to make this game. We invested in you and in some cases you failed us. Cheers


Hey, @gartnercj77,

We’re sorry you feel that way. We did our best to communicate our progress through the course of the game, posting on Kickstarter nearly every month since the start of the campaign with lengthy updates about our progress.

The Switch version has provided unusual and very unexpected challenges at the very end of the game nobody could have predicted, regardless of the research done. We’re now doing our best to keep people informed once we have any news that we can share, contractual obligations allowing.

I hope you remember our small team of 12 people is developing a pretty big, polished game on six platforms, and it’s a lot of work. And I personally very much hope the Switch version is to your satisfaction when we’re able to release it.
Thanks for your comments.


Hey @strangelove, @ortizgames
First and foremost I wanted to apologize. I never knew the team was that small and I agree your game is amazing for such a small team. I know your not the size of a AAA studio, but hope that you do get there at some point. My comment came from a dark place out of frustration more than anything and I want to apologize for that as well. I am a huge Battle Chasers Fan (have every comic and most printed material I can find) and I’ve wanted this game since I first saw it get released. I am a passionate gamer and love my RPG’s. I am a little embarrassed because I didn’t realize the studio was so small and you guys did an amazing job with limited resources and man power. I will continue to support this studio and I truly hope we see some DLC in the future which I will gladly pay for. Please extend my most heartfelt apology to the team as they deserve better from me. Keep doing what your doing cause it’s awesome and I truly hope this studio get the success and acclaim it deserves.


It’s all right, @gartnercj77; thank you so much for being patient with us this long. We’ll be posting on the forums once we have information about the last steps to get the Switch version out the door, so keep an eye on this space!


Hello @ortizgames I was wondering if those who did opt in for the Switch do not want to wait any longer, do we have an option to switch platforms? I am not sure yet if I want to switch since I am looking really forward to play this game on the Switch, but just seeing what options I have.


Hello, @ortizgames. I’m not sure if this is something you feel comfortable answering, but do you feel there is any chance the physical Switch version might come out before 2018? The reason I ask is that I am getting my friend a Switch for Christmas and I would like to get him a copy by then or shortly after. If that doesn’t seem likely, I might end up getting him the steam version. I went ahead and pre-ordered the Switch version, I was just wondering if that’s too hopeful. Thanks for your work for keeping us up to date with what details you can! I work in a similar field and I understand that sometimes you simply can’t give any concrete details.


Thanks for the update! Really excited for the game in that form factor.


Here’s hoping that update comes sooner rather than later!


Nice one, @TheAlmightyFoofy! Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Here’s hope we’ll see a release this side of Christmas… :crossed_fingers:


hello Airship,

you are now reaching a point where the wildest speculations go around with sites like saying things about cancellation of the physical edition and even words about a complete cancellation. For me personally, both options would be a complete letdown because i furiously awaited the physical release on a nintendo console since announcement. After my Xenoblade Chronicles 2 weekend this means i hook up the ps4 with a disc version of a game I could have played months ago.


At this point it’s obvious they just give up this game, they don’t even bother to fix the mess they did on ps4, well they have try the first 2 weeks and failed miserably now they playing the dead. Nice attitude i must say…

I still think the game could be good and got potential but if they do the same poor job they did on other consoles you really miss nothing, in the end this game was a total waste of money


To a team doing their best with 12 ppl and unity who’s dropping the ball, I think they’re doing the best they can. They can’t really say anything because opening their mouths to something that’s unsure will only cause more problems. The silence is hard to deal but they’ve alrdy made updates stating some kind of progress and movement and honestly there’s nothing out here in today’s era that brings back this style of game so with much due respect and love I’m sure a lot of ppl can wait and will still buy it on release. Personally I had the option to get it on PS4 or steam. I’m choosing to wait because I want the experience on my switch which I know will be 100x better then the ppl playing it glued down to free time at home. Here’s to speed :sunglasses:

If u haven’t alrdy get on Duelyst. It’s helping me burn the time real good lol


Please stop with “they are a small team of 12 peoples” excuse

anima gate of memories was developed by barely 3 peoples for 10% budget of BCN and you can like or dislike this game but in the end you get a complete game with a lot more content than BCN with no bugs or crashes

I won’t even talk about the lead dev who has never hide anything and being a very nice guy.

These guys claim to be triple A dev but release a game who still don’t work normally after 2 patch even worst one of the patch introduce really bad stuttering in the game and all they have to say about that is nothing they playing dead since more than a month when all we ask is if they still trying to fix thing, nothing more… they have no excuses period

I still hope you can enjoy this game on switch but you can fear the worst what is really sad is this game could be good but he is totally held back by unpolished bugs and crashes on console.


@strangelove @ortizgames Well I am not surprised that we will still be waiting some time for the Switch version. They are not done the final build for the Switch which they would have to submit to THQNordic QA for testing if I read that correctly, then once that build is approved it can be sent to Nintendo and Nintendo does their testing which can take up to 10 days. Once they approve everything then we get to the manufacturing physical copies phase of this ridiculous process. Why digital versions and physical versions have to launch together makes no sense. So I’m calling it right now…best case scenario you might be playing this on Switch by March…worst case scenario April or May. That’s 6-8 months after the initial launch. I was under the impression the delay was going to be minimal. 6 months is far from minimal. I truly believe the Switch version will be the weakest seller of all platforms. I myself could not wait that long so I purchased it on steam and have already done all that I want on the game. I might still play it on my Switch when it launches and I won’t change the platform that I selected months ago cause playing on the go might still work for me but this news is beyond disappointing. Your really missing a great opportunity with not having it out for Christmas. I truly believe most people that picked Switch have already played the game on a different platform at this point or will due to this delay. I’ve always hated multi platform games launching at different times in the year instead of at the same time. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I really hope I am wrong guys but this whole launch of BC:NW has been disappointing. I’ve read every post and it seems from physical versions, to physical pledge rewards, bugs, updating the different halls for backer recognition has been amateurish at best. When backers are begging and pleading for updates and some sort of acknowledgment of their questions or concerns and all you hear is silence if very disturbing. Also I love Joe Mad’s work and will always blindly follow what he does but one of his biggest issues in the comic book world with this brand was not meeting deadlines and from what I read it sounds like the physical rewards fall in his arena and it sounds like lots of backers don’t know when they will get their extra physical rewards. If I misread something or missed an update on this matter I apologize profusely. I will patiently await my Switch version but forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.


It will be fun to play it on the Switch when it does come out. Just gotta be patient I guess.


I just saw the update on the Kickstarter page…

Let’s say they get a final build to THQ Nordic QA and it’s not bounced back to them for bug fixes, it only takes 10 days to get through Nintendo cert (if the devs working on NBA Playgrounds speak any truth about their experiences, there’s no chance in hell of that), and there’s only six weeks of production following it going gold, we’re looking at over a month of time having passed by. Taking all of that into consideration, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be out before 2018. That really, really sucks.

Unity issues were also holding up another indie Kickstarter, Yooka-Laylee by Playtonic Games. At least you guys might get your game out in a shorter post-launch time frame than them.

Please don’t mistake my comments for being aggro hater banter, @strangelove @ortizgames. I’m glad that you guys are taking your time to give us a quality version of the game, the extended wait’s just kind of deflating. :frowning: