[Nintendo Switch] Anyone Received Any Shipping Info?


No Shipping Info so far :confused:
But i hope everything will be ok.


Hey, I saw some people got their physical copies and I saw you wrote that users who upgraded to the Physical copy should see an email from jon@tinyfishprinting.com. But I haven’t found anything in my email yet and I’ve even searched my spam, like REALLY searched. Anything I’m missing here. I did upgrade to the physical copy.


Just wanted to let others know that I never received a shipping info email, only the one the devs sent out about copies beginning to be shipped back on 15th May.
I received my copy in the post today here in the UK. I suspect they are on their way!
A shame to have no shipping info but mine came with the normal mail (royal mail) and was shipped on 11th May by Tiny Fish Printing in the US.
Hopefully you’ll all get hands on yours soon!

Still think it would have been better if they have just sent us all digital codes out too!


It’s a possibility that mine is here because I’ve had it shipped to my in-laws’ home since I knew I would be moving. But they haven’t told me anything yet.


I just received my copy in California, but I never got an email with any shipping info. Fine with me, but maybe they can’t keep up with the notifications and are just shipping them out.


Hello all, I have received my physical copy in the post!
a little late but really chuffed, glad i held out for the switch version,
PS: I’m based in Europe (Great Britain)


Day 8 (since the release)

Went to my in-laws. Found nothing. My mind’s grip on reality is slowly slipping. Jeremy says that everything is fine, but he’s only a Giraffe, what would he know?!?!


it’s so long to wait after my physical copy … :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:


Received my copy in the mail yesterday. Nova Scotia, Canada.



Got my physical Switch Version today (germany) :+1:


To those who have gotten their copies, I hope you’re enjoying the game. Don’t know how long I’ll be waiting for but hopefully it’ll show up.

@strangelove I’m not crazy, right? I did upgrade to the physical copy but no such luck yet. Maybe it didn’t register that I bought the physical copy?