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NA PS4 codes are sending out EU key codes [FIXED]


Edit: Issue seems to be fixed. Thanks again for the quick support.

I had PS4 NA selected and it returned me an EU key code. I know it has happened to one other person. Anyone trying to claim a PS4 key code might want to wait till it’s sorted, I emailed support but haven’t heard anything yet. Just a warning if anyone wants to save a hassle.


Yeah, I’m in the same boat.


Yyyuup, saw your gaf post… I Shoulda waited lol XD


Hey, sorry about that! We’re working on it right now, fixed shortly.


Yeah it happened to me. I’ve reached out to them on all possible sources. Twitter facebook and email. Waiting on customer service to email me back. I figured since its launch night they would have some folks manning the emails.


Thanks guys!!! Always quick on the response… Mad respect!


Wow, you guys are quick!


Me tooooooooooo. Good to see the speedy response, I want to play so badly.


got my code go check it now guys


Seems to be fixed at least for me it is. Thanks for the quick work really appreciate it. Hope the rest goes smoothly for you all and you have a good celebration.


Ok, so you guys went back in and this time got the right kinds of codes?

Received an EU code but I put in for a North American code
Wrong game code

yes i got mine thx for the quick fix


Yep, redeemed just fine on PSN. The EU code is still showing though. No intention of using it or giving it away though.


Mine still says EU :frowning:


At the top check if you have another redeem option.


Ahhhhhh. Thanks for the tip


New na code worked… Thanks guys! But yeah i still have the eu code also… Wont use or give out… But figured id say something


They are fast. Fixed my issue. Good response from them


Thanks for being up this late and helping the backers! Kudos to you and your team :+1:


No problem! Apologies for the trouble.