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Missing backer reward: art book


Hey all,

I was able to claim the other backer rewards for what I pledged, (in-game goodies, comics, etc.) however the art book doesn’t seem to be listed to download, ( I specifically opted for this pledge for the art book itself)

Does anyone know if this is a or bug, or if the book is not available yet?



I believe the artbook/soundtrack are still pending. It should be soon though from what the devs indicated in a previous thread but don’t quote me on that!


in their latest Kickstarter update, Joe/Airship said that they were “going up tomorrow”, which would be today. So I would assume they will be releasing very soon if not by the end of the day.


Cheers, thanks guys.


I don’t have the artbook either, was it supposed to be available by now?


Hey I’d really love to see the artbook. It was supposed to be available 2 days ago. And I got my edition so I got the artbook…
Can someone tell us backers when will it be ready? Oh, and the soundtrack…
Thank you


they just updated these rewards. get them now!


sweet! finally got them!