Iron Outpost Talking to a book


Sorry, I dont know if this is a bug or not but I know I’m missing out of some story or something… anyway, I was talking to a book inside Iron Outpost and in middle of conversation I got attacked. After the battle the book said it didnt want to talk to me anymore … :cry:

Can someone tell me what if it’s important to continue the story? I didnt finish the dungeon yet… I pretty much stopped there so no spoiler please. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


It is just a side quest; you should still be able to continue forward with the game. Sorry, we’re working on a fix to prevent that book event from breaking when getting into combat!


@ortizgames Oh, ok. Will I be able to get the quest?


The side quest should have a chance to spawn again any time you revisit the dungeon!


@ortizgames ah, right. I forgot that the dungeon can be played many times. Awesome! Thank you! :smiley: