Airship Community

Im excited to play


Im looking foward to playing and streaming this game!


We’re looking forward to you playing!!!


how nice! <3

I’ll be streaming it as well


Even better! Can’t wait.


With all the stuff ive seen so far, im really happy i could back this game.


I’m excited to play too!
i want to stream it… is there any guidelines to that? otherwise im just looking forward to beta.


SUPER excited to have Garrison with Chaoseater! Yay, backers!


Huge Darksiders fan, hopefully I’m a soon to be Battle chasers fan!


Please 5th September hurry!!


Doubt I’ll get a response…but I gotta ask, did you get to meet Mark Hamill when he voiced the watcher?? Such a great character.


Joe and some of our sound guys got to meet him. He was cool enough to sign some stuff for the team, too. Joe said he was a super nice, funny and down to earth guy. Also a ridiculous pro who nailed his character easily. Yeah, he’s lucky!