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Hall of Backers


Yeah, noticed my name is not there either and the Hall of Heroes ends at G… My name begins with an S so it MAY be there, but I can’t tell. :slight_smile:


I think they are very busy now fixing up the bugs on the game, maybe with a few more days they will solve the “G” problem, or I hope so…my name start with “M” and I want to appear :sweat_smile:


Same for me. Just checked the wall…


Still not in Hall of Backers. Still no boxed copy of the game at home.


Another week finishing. Still not in Hall of Backers and still no physical copy of the game at home. :frowning:


Same here! I don’t really care about the Hall of Backers but it would have been a nice gesture to at least have the list updated on release day…



Same here :frowning:
“Josep Valls” not appear xD


Another week and no physical copy of the game and no fix for Hall of Backers. Welcome to corporate world Airship Syndicate. @strangelove @ortizgames i hope you do not enjoy it.


Same here. No physical copy yet and my name is not in HoB.


Same here.


I see a bunch of Seans… but no
Sean “SomaXD” Rischar
I think Joe should do a little sketch on my signed print reward to make up for it :wink:


I already gave up. As i understand they said almost a week ago that this will be fixed asap. Still nothing. Same with my physical copy. I was told this week it will be send soon so i’m giving it another week.


Check again. I just added a bunch manually rather than relying on the system we run to pull names from the backer surveys. If you don’t see yours, please send an e-mail to We’ll collect your names there and put you up as soon as we can. Sorry to everyone who had to wait!



I’m there now. Just waiting for physical now.


So, my name was finally added to the Hall of Backers, but it is in the wrong section. I have sent a message to Support in the hopes that it can get moved to it’s proper home. Baby steps.