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Gully & Calibretto Commission


I commissioned this piece from the incredible Eddie Nuñez. Check out his stuff at and show him some love.


This is awesome! I love what Eddie Nuñez does!


I have some of Eddie’s art as well, I really like his work!


My bro and I try to get a commission every time we see him at a con.


Eddie has a kickstarter for his artbook. He already has a preview of it and it looks great. Go check out his kickstarter and support him!


@Ulkhror, you’re in charge of the Mad! Facebook page, right? If so, would you mind promoting Eddie’s kickstarter on there? He already has the proof for the book and it looks great. Take a look here:


I follow Eddie on instagram (He is fantastic) so I was aware of the launch of his kickstarter project.
I’ve just done a tweet about it:

But I won’t promote his project on the #JoeMadArt facebook page because this is not related to Joe :wink:


Well damn. Even if one of the images is a Garrison he drew for my bro?


In that case the fan group would be a better place IMO:
Everything related to Joe is better.
While many people still prefer to see some updates about his art or appearance I think that some fan arts related to the characters he has created might be good to. :wink:


Yes! That’s where I meant. I’ll share it today. Thanks!


Just as I posted on facebook: all the Battle Chasers arts that Eddie Nunez did
(that I was able to find Sans%20titre-5%20copier on his instagram)