Game crashes at the start screen (ADMIN EDIT: workaround provided)


Hello !

I have an issue with Battle Chasers on Steam. After the intro video, which I can see without a problem, I see the start screen, where you have to press “E” to start the game. However, after one or two seconds on this screen, the game crashes, and of course, I can’t go further even if I press “E”.
Here are the error and output_log text files.
error.log (29.1 KB)
output_log.txt (45.4 KB)

I hope you will be able to help me !


It looks like this is related to our Discord integration. (From the log files, it crashes right after trying to initialize that.)

Longer term, we should be able to find a fix. For now, this should be a good workaround:

-Go to the directory where Battle Chasers is installed, into the Plugins/ directory. On Steam it’ll be something like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battle Chasers Nightwar\BC_Data\Plugins\

-Rename the file discord_game_sdk.dll to DONTRUN_discord_game_sdk.dll
-Try launching the game again

Does that work?

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We’ve just added a new patch to Steam (v. 24037) that should fix this issue, without needing to delete anything. Should be up on GoG in the near future.