[BUG] Impossible optional quest "the well" (FRENCH)


A traduction error render a quest unsovable:

The optional boss in the well, need items to be summoned. One of them: SCUMMY GROG.

In french , the well ask for " TORD-BOYAU VERMINEUX" . Problem, there’s no item named tord-boyau vermineux…

In fact, in the shop the item is called : " GROG TROUBLE".
(I lost a lot of time looking for this item :frowning: . Eventually I had to switch the game in english to understand the problem).

Text should be harmonized. Either both “Grog Trouble”, either both “tord-boyau vermineux”.
“Tord-boyau vermineux” is used during the whole quest text. So maybe just rename “Grog Trouble” item.

[BUG] French Localization

The well also asks for Bouillie des Pénitents (Pauper’s Slop) but this item is named Boullion du Pauvre in the shop.