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Battle Chasers #10-12

So with all the updates and rewards coming in over the past two years, I’m still patiently waiting for the comics. That’s all that’s left for my rewards… Now I know #11-12 still need to be drawn and all that, but #10 should be mostly finished as they had 8 physical issues to give out for the Kickstarter and opened it up for more after they moved from the Kickstarter to the Battle Chasers Store. Sadly, I’m still waiting for the physical issue of #10 on top on the digital ones.

I really would like for Joe Mad and Airship to finish up with what they owe on this before starting on the next (Darksiders Genesis), but as long as there’s some level of updates coming and can’t complain too much. Many of us have been waiting for #10 for much long than the game was ever announced or in production. lol

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I know awhile back, Joe Mad had mentioned that someone was in line to draw the rest, because he wouldn’t be able to, but that was shortly after the game had been released. Who knows when this will get situated, but it’d be really nice the team released these last few issues…

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