Backer Physical Rewards


Hey all! This will be the official home for status updates on the physical rewards. We’re planning a substantial update in the next week, but for now, here’s where a few things area at:

  • It took us a bit to find a printer, but one has been found and it’s about to go down!
  • We’ve got a group lined up to print the t-shirts and cloth maps, just working to finalize the shirt designs, then they’ll get made
  • The prints will be nice, high-res versions of the key art you’ve already seen. Sending them to print!
  • Joe has already started piling up the sketchies for those in the sketchy tier
  • Be sure your address is current in your survey on the website, that’s where we’ll pull it from!

More in the very near future, thanks!

Physical Rewards : any news?


Thanks for the update Ryan!
Any chance you could scan all the sketches @Joe did!?
You know what I would do with those :wink:


Thanks for the update and for all of your hard work. Can’t wait to get my hands on the signed print.


Yey!!! Finally!!! \o/\o/\o/\o/


Thanks, but just curious is there any word of the issues 10-12 yet?


This is what I’m eagerly awaiting too!


Sounds like this is still a long way from being delivered if you haven’t sent all the materials to be printed yet. This has been an extremely long wait, please give us reliable dates for when we finally will have the items in hand. Are there any reliable dates for issues 10-12?


hahahhahaha Jack, if it’s yet to be printed and with the game launched, it’ll be very difficult to be released at all. If it took years to come with this promise, I’ll be surprised if those issues come to be released someday.
Now they need to concern about polish the game and probably come with new projects. If they didn’t work in parallel until now to send all the material together with the launch of the game, now it will be more difficult to fulfill those promises.
I hope that I’m very wrong, but all the facts and history of past projects tend to believe that it will take a lot of time, if it ever comes to be produced.


Bumping to keep up.

The physical goods like the artbook and t-shirts were a big draw for me backing this project. Can’t wait to receive them. Even a glimpse of production would be good!