Backer Digital Rewards Release Checklist


Thanks mate…

but it doesn’t shows it there… it looks like a problem related with AddOns (my case)


Hey, @strangelove @Airship-Steve @AirshipAndy @AirshipSupport, would any of you fine gentlemen be able to help out our friend @eddfruits regarding his Add-On Artbook?

While you’re at it, could you shed some light on the status of the Extended OST, the Digital Compendium and the possibility of getting the Deluxe Instruction Manual as a downloadable PDF?

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Hey, @eddfruits did you get the add-on artbook? I sent a message on their Kickstarter page but no answer.


I havent get it yet… but today someone of AirshipSyn contact me and ask me for the complete info by email… so, I hope it will be fixed soon.


Hi @eddfruits, I hope they get the add-on fixed, thank you for keeping me open to date.


I didn’t get my add-on shirt. Hoping to hear back from them soon.


It’s FIXED ! thanks!


Hi, @eddfruits, I still haven’t got my add-ons, could you give me the name of the person who fixed your problem? Thank you.


Same here! I’m missing a shirt.


Hi, I contact the crew by DM in Twitter and some weeks after that, hey ask me to send an email to this account: with the info of my problem…

I hope this helps you…


Hi @eddfruits, Thank you for the help.


I dont have a Twitter and I did email that address but I have not received a response. :sob:


I had to wait more than a week for the response… so… be patient i guess.


Yeah, I sent another email today. It’s been almost two weeks and no response.