Anyone found Gully and Calibretto's ultimate weapons yet?


The patch should be live tomorrow hopefully. You can test it now if you opt into the experimental branch. Details here! Experimental Branch - Testing Help Needed! (Windows Only)


thanks for the heads up. i’ve been running through the experimental branch since this weekend. If i have a new game through that branch will it copy over to the reg version?


Yes it should. (you should be sure to back up your save just in case though. Its not been tested to a great amount and i’d hate something unexpected to happen)


yeah I’ve backed up my saves as suggested in the original post. so far the experimental branch is working great. i started new game and have only had 1 issue where a bomber lycelot in path of the fang was able to walk through stairs and was clipped under a section of the level. i was able to coax him out by throwing garrisons bomb and shooting at him with calibrettos cannon. beside that the only other small thing was not being able to locate a couple materials in a dungeon. (mushroom icon on the map) great changes and it’s awesome to see how much work everyone continues to make on the game.


Waiting for the jerk to spawn in Deadwatch…
8 runs now.
I’ve got Knolan/Garrison/Monika/Calibretto’s weapons.


I’m not sure if this is purely RNG laughing at me, but after 5 runs of legendaey iron outpost without seeing belvros, I got him twice in a row on heroic. Are tiles weighted differently between heroic and legendary?


Are you accounting for the recent patch that increased the appearance rate?


Room generation is a completely different system than difficulty. They’re not related.



Can someone please explain how to get the dragonheart for gullys weapon? When i play deathwatch and i find the room with belevros sarcophage it only says “here lies belevros blah blah“ but he doesnt spawn? What did i do wrong? Thanks!


You have to release him in the Iron Outpost dungeon first. After that he can show up in Deadwatch.
Make sure you fight him first in Iron Outpost before setting him free. Otherwise you will miss an entry to the bestiary (shade of Belevros)

After fighting him you have to find him again in Iron Outpost to set him free.


Thanks marty! Does he only spawn in iron outpost? Cause i remember releasing someone in another dungeon, or was this maybe not belevros at all?


He only spawns in Iron Outpost.
I can’t remember if I ever released another person


Thanks much! I just found him the first time in outpost and did fight him :slight_smile: