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Xbox One patch notes v.24001 (10)

Hey all, the console patch is finally here! Below you can find the patch notes for the Xbox One X: New Features Added a feature to replay video cutscenes you’ve already scene in the game. From your save profile, go t…

Game crashes at the start screen (ADMIN EDIT: workaround provided) (4)

Hello ! I have an issue with Battle Chasers on Steam. After the intro video, which I can see without a problem, I see the start screen, where you have to press “E” to start the game. However, after one or two seconds on…

FIX - Crash to desktop - BitDefender (2)

Some users have been having problems with crashes in Battle Chasers that seem to be related to BitDefender. The user “Torpid” on Steam posted a fix, which I’ll quote here: Just thought I’d let any Bitdefender users kn…

[PC/Mac] How to find Log/Save Files (13)

Hey, everyone! I’m posting a simple tutorial here people can reference whenever they need to find their save files and/or log files. Log Files Steam - PC If you have the game on Steam on PC, you can find your log file…

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