Technical Support

[PC/Mac] How to find Log/Save Files (13)

Hey, everyone! I’m posting a simple tutorial here people can reference whenever they need to find their save files and/or log files. Log Files Steam - PC If you have the game on Steam on PC, you can find your log file…

[Windows] Patch v. 24034 (2)

Hey, gang! I’m happy to report we have a new patch out on Steam for Windows, v.24034. A patch will be uploaded to GoG shortly, as well. This is just a bug fix patch with added Discord support; the 900MB size is just an…

PS4 Patch 1.05 Notes (3)

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce Patch 1.05 is now available for both EU and US versions. Below you can find the notes. Changes for PS4 Patch 1.05: Minor UI Fixes. Party Select graphical issue corrected. Fixed is…

Xbox One patch notes v.24001 (9)

Hey all, the console patch is finally here! Below you can find the patch notes for the Xbox One X: New Features Added a feature to replay video cutscenes you’ve already scene in the game. From your save profile, go t…

[Windows] Problems playing video cutscenes? (2)

A small number of Windows users are experiencing crashes or black screens when playing video cutscenes. Some crash playing the intro video, and others crash in later gameplay cutscenes, sometimes intermittantly. We haven…

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